Thanks for dropping by

Morten. please tell me what do you do?

Do you develop Web & Mobile Apps

Yes. I develop applications and smart devices that help solve problems.

Let me help you build something!

I hear that you do “Website Teardown”

That’s correct. I take your existing website and check that everything is as it should be.

Do you want a free check?

Clean Code, wipe out bugs

Clean and refactored code, eliminate bugs and reduce development cost.

Let me help you eliminate your software bugs

What about quality?

My software is well tested, and I use “Test Driven Development” to keep my code standards high.

Do you want me to teach you how?


I arrange workshops, where I teach you and your company to develop modern web applications by following best practices and use the right tools.

Do you need a workshop?

We already have a Website

But do you know, how it performs and your users experience it?

Let me help you figure that out.

Nice thing people say about me

“Morten has been working on the same projekt with me for a year. There's no job Morten can't do! He will accept any challenge, do any job, and will ask as many questions as required to understand the requirements. Finally, he can be client facing and will do this well. He comes with high recommendations.”

René VutborgBackend Manager, Sitecore MVP at IMPACT A/S

“I’ve been fortunate to work with Morten almost a year, and I can easily recommend Morten. Not only is Morten very skillful, but he also possesses a very professional mindset, always committed and proactive towards the task at hand, and together with his very positive attitude and great humor, I see him as an invaluable asset to any team and organization.

I give Morten my best recommendation!”

Kim ChristensenSenior Project Manager hos IMPACT A/S

“I've recently had the pleasure of working on the same project as Morten.

Not only is Morten a skilled asset to any team but is also very likable as a person. Morten is thorough and meticulous.

Morten's mood is contagious which in turn results in a great atmosphere for the entire team.”

Nicolai NormannFront End Developer hos IMPACT A/S

“I've had the pleasure of working in team with Morten. As I see it he brings two extraordinary things to the team. Firstly, he brings a lot practical and cutting edge knowledge and experience always up to date on the latest tech. Secondly, he brings personality and enthusiasm, indeed a contributor to a fun and exciting work environment with kickass coding skills.
A great guy and colleague. ”

Niclas SchumacherSoftware developer at IMPACT A/S

“Morten is a great guy, who cares deeply about the projects he's working on. He always works tirelessly with high standards in code and user experience.
Morten is a guy you can trust, and I would definitely recommend him.”

Kim Frost NielsenFrontend Developer at IMPACT

“I have had the pleasure of working with Morten on silvan.dk.

Morten is a fresh guy with a lot of energy and are always in a good mood. He is skilled in the front-end and has a lot of good design ideas.

I can only recommend Morten.”

Jakob Tveen AndersenSolutions Architect at DT Group IT

“I have worked alongside Morten at IMPACT for roughly a year. He is always positive in his approach to his tasks and is always looking to push his own abilities as a programmer. He takes pride in delivering high-quality code.

Morten is always in a good mood and makes a big contribution to a very positive working environment on every project.”

Mikkel StærkFrontend Manager at IMPACT A/S